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About us

Velos was established in 2019, initially through its tanker division focusing on the high quality management of an expanding fleet of oil product and chemical tanker vessels ranging from Medium-Range to Long-Range sizes. This high quality of management has also been a strategic objective of further segment diversification to the dry bulk transportation sector, allowing the dry division to be established in 2022. Velos maintains its headquarters in Athens, Greece.

The Velos team comprises of highly skilled, talented, and committed professionals with extensive operational, technical, and commercial expertise in the maritime industry. Our founding principle is to amalgamate first-class seamanship practices with leading contemporary safety and operational efficiency processes. We are committed to build long-term sustainable growth inspired by our tradition, powered by our passion, and propelled through operational excellence.

Our Core Values: Our values embody our spirit. They serve as the fundamental compass of who we are, what we stand for as a Company and as a team, and they define how we operate, collectively and individually.

  • Integrity
    To be ethical, transparent, and committed to the highest moral standards of business conduct.
  • Responsibility
    To take complete ownership of our actions and fulfill our commitments to the best of our abilities.
  • Commitment
    To always strive for excellence, dedicated to our shared vision, fueled with passion, dedication, and continuous self-improvement.
  • Reliability
    To build trust by providing a first-class transportation service and consistently delivering on the highest expectations.

Our Vision

To be A leading Company of choice for global sea transportation of energy and dry bulk commodities.

Our Mission

To set and provide the highest standards for safe and environmentally friendly sea transportation of goods with modern and efficient ships, manned and operated by highly motivated, professional, and well-trained seaborne and shore personnel.


embedded in everything we do

Our principal objective is to provide the highest quality maritime transportation services to the industry, with absolute regard to safety, quality, health, and the environment.

Committed to build long-term sustainable growth.
Inspired by our tradition. Powered by our passion.
Propelled through operational excellence.











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